San Francisco, California

Born and raised in the city, I've witnessed it evolve and grow. Life in the city is never boring because you never run out of things to discover. There's always a festival to go to, a new hot brunch spot, cute new pop ups, the list goes on and on. San Francisco has always had and always will have a special place in my heart. Below are a few of my favorite spots in the city!


Tartine Manufactory

You ever see beautiful food and it just doesn't taste as good as it is to look at? Yeah that wasn't the case here. The food at Tartine Manufactory  just as flavorful and creative as it's presentation. It's a great place to just grab some pastries, ice cream, coffee, or to share a full meal with someone as well. The vibes and servers are all so sweet and everything about this place just did not disappoint!  I never have trouble finding a parking spot at this spot and the natural light floods so beautifully. It is most definitely foodie  approved!

595 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA, 94110, United States


Tucked away in the narrow side street of Albion, is the popping bold blue barn door entryway into one of my favorite flower shops in the entire city! At Ampersand, the walls are filled with gorgeous fresh flowers and greenery that they use to put together their floral masterpieces. When I need my flower fix, I definitely make sure to stop by here. The prices are also quite decent, much more affordable than many other flower companies. I often just walk in with a budget of say $30 or so, and ask them what they can make me. They proceed to ask me for a preferred color scheme (knowing me I usually say "blush/pink") and wham bam they put together a gorgeous bouquet right in front of my eyes. This spot is definitely my weakness.

80 Albion St, San Francisco, CA 94103


A laundromat that is also a very modern, well-lit, sleek cafe. Need I say more?

2401 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Marin Headlands - hawk hill

While this spot is technically right outside of San Francisco (heh) it's got a bomb view of the Golden Gate Bridge (which is San Francisco-y enough in my opinion). There's a walkway that goes on for a bit if you feel like taking a short hike, then alongside the entirety of the hike you can enjoy the view of the bay and one of the most iconic bridges in the world.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Marin Headlands, Conzelman Rd, Sausalito, CA 94965

Reveille Cafe

The diffused sunlight that large windows let in always fill me with energy and excitement, and Reveille Cafe lets the natural lighting flood in like no other. The hot matcha latte here is personally my favorite, but watch out because wi-fi is only offered (for those worker bees) on the weekdays. Come for brunch, friendly service, or a really great cup of coffee. 

610 Long Bridge Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

20th Century Cafe

This cafe is nestled on a corner in the hip and happening Hayes Valley. The to-die for item here, 20th Century Cafe's Russian Honey Cake.  Each bite tasted like sweet euphoria, oh man my mouth waters just thinking about it again. The cafe takes it's inspiration from the cities of Prague, Vienna, and Budapest, giving this little cafe it's rustic and simplistic charm. 

198 Gough St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Land's End

Many today come to visit the ruin that is now Sutro Baths. Once the largest privately owned saltwater swimming complex, the facility burned down in the 1960s and seemed to gain popularity now as a public site to visit. The Land's End trail includes a nice hike along which you can spot the Golden Gate Bridge, the mysterious circle rock maze, and beautiful ocean/beach views. A gorgeous spot that many come to take engagement photos at, Land's End is definitely a spot to come visit.

680 Point Lobos Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121

Hollow Cafe

This cafe is one of those hidden local gems, making it one of my favorite coffee shops in the city. It's usually pretty quiet and a nice place to just chat and catch up with a good friend. I love how cute and small it is, with a few tables by the window and another few in the back room behind the counter. They have amazing coffee and a quaint selection of pastries as well. One of my go to spots because it's not so well known among tourists and it's honestly got an amazing atmosphere.

1435 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122


Yoga to the people

Apart from all the eating done in the foodie town of San Francisco, wanna chill out and relax? Get some exercising in? Yoga To The People not only holds freaking bomb views, but it is also donation based (recommended donation of $10) and you can also rent mats for $2 or water for $1. The Power Vinyasa Flow served to be an awesome workout and I'm really enjoyed watching the sunset as I yoga-ed away.

5th Floor, 2973 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103

Other Recommendations


Plow - must order the lemon ricotta pancakes and the crispy potatoes.

Outerlands - usually a bit of a wait, but the food has never disappointed

Griddle Fresh - lemon ricotta souffle pancakes ('nuff said)


Andytown Coffee Roasters - must try the snowy plover

Home Cafe - the birthday cake latte has been all the rage, but I personally love their variety of toasts and matcha drinks as well!

Sightglass Coffee - love the atmosphere here

La Promenade Cafe - cozy, comfy, and is one of my favorite study spots when it comes to cafes

Fifty/Fifty - My favorites are the jasmine and matcha milk teas, you can even get it with almond milk!

Other Foods:

Off The Grid - Food trucks galore! The Fort Mason location is by far the best one with the most trucks available. It's fun and outdoors so bring a jacket and a big appetite! Unfortunately it is momentarily closed by scheduled to reopen March 1, 2019.