Iceland Day 7

Better known as.. the day we got stuck.

Honestly, we had a lot on our list to go to today, but because our car was a bit weak, and we all grew up in California (aka didn't have much experience getting cars un-stuck from snow), we ended getting stuck for a good most of our day. We tried to go off the main road over some gravel roads, and literally only a good 20 foot stretch of the road was filled with snow, and we still got stuck. Honestly, it was one of those moments where I realized that when you're with good people, anything can still be fun. We could have all been frustrated, cold, and so disappointed, but after putting in our best efforts and calling a tow truck over, we sat in the car eating gummy candies, jamming, and laughing at ourselves. Sometimes all you need to have a good time, are a good group of buddies. (:

Look at us, so blissfully happy. We had grown a bit attached to our car, so we decided to take a picture with our new love! Little had we known, our little Nissan was about to fail us through those snowy roads.

All we did was make a phone call, told him what road we were on, and an hour later this man came to our rescue! Meet Thorgensen (he introduced himself but I have no idea how to actually spell his name), our Iceland savior!! He was tall, smily, and didn't speak much English, but he was very kind and we were very happy to meet him! Thus ends our entire Day 7. HAHA.