The Beginning

Growing up, I’ve actually never considered or described myself to be a creative person. I always believed myself to be a studious, hard-working, follows others’ rules, and does-things-by-the-books kinda gal.   Yet here I am. I wonder whether it’s something that’s always been on my heart or whether it’s just part of a person’s evolving passions and loves, but either way, I’m here to share. 

I’ve often given into the lie that what I want to accomplish has already been done and successfully been pursued by others, rendering my dreams the opposite of unique, and therefore not worth pursuing. But one of my dearest friends gifted me a gorgeous gold bracelet with the word "infinite" engraved onto it, and it spurred me on this journey where I’ve come full circle into realizing that I am a child of God of infinite capacity. It’s brought me to reevaluate why I do what I do and why I pursue creativity in the form of photography. If I were doing it to earn compliments from people around me, then I can honestly say I’ll never really be satisfied. But I’m excited to explore this realm in partnership with God (cause tbh he’s the best freaking creative I know). To be honest I don’t have a full or clear idea of what that’s going to look like, but that’s perfect because that's what this blog will be, a simple documentation of my journey and evolution as a growing photographer and creative.