Iceland Day 9

On our last day in Iceland, we got to experience in full the luxury that is the Blue Lagoon. Since the Blue Lagoon is so close to the KEF airport (literally only like a 20 minute drive), I high recommend doing it as the first stop after your get off your flight or as your last stop before you leave for the airport. After 8 full days of adventuring, we felt so relaxed soaking in the silica and other mineral rich warm beautifully light blue-colored spring. The locker room floors were heated (SO LUXURIOUS), the mirrors had little cotton pads and q-tips, and the showers were mostly in enclosed stalls (unlike many other bath areas) with complimentary conditioner and shampoo as well! We felt like royalty.

The Blue Lagoon gives you wrist bands to lock your lockers and also to serve as a sort of credit card where you can accumulate transactions and pay all at once later. We put this to use when we all ordered drinks at the swim up bar. You can even buy waterproof phone cases there! We then sipped on our beverages as waded on over to the complimentary silica mud mask station. You can also purchase a sample of the algae mask (non-complimentary) but the silica mud mask was good enough for us! Our skin admittedly felt quite nice after. 

PC: Wei's Psick Pics

PC: Wei's Psick Pics

Quick tip for the Blue Lagoon: make sure to book your ticket online very early on (like a couple weeks in advance just to be safe) because the good time slots fill up very fast! Don't miss your chance at exploring one of the 25 wonders of the world. After exploring all the bridges and wall of water, we then enjoyed the steam room and sauna with a passing couple of Americans who had just flown in as it was their first day in Iceland. We traded stories and tips for a quick bit, slightly jealous that they were just beginning their adventure as ours was coming to a close. We then slowly took our showers, then head out to return our return car, eat lunch, and prepare for our flight.

ICELAND you have been one of the most amazing countries I have ever visited in my entire life. I hope your landscapes remain untouched in their beauty and natural wonder. I can't wait to come back and visit you again in the summer when you're green all around and dance in fields of the purple lupine flowers. I'm already planning in my head the next time I'll be back to see you and I'm hoping that it won't be too far from today.