Redding Weekend


In this abnormally hot season of California (San Francisco reached a record temperature high of 106 degrees Fahrenheit - or 41 degrees Celsius recently), my sister and I decided to adventure up to Redding, California. It was about a 4 hour drive from SF to Redding, and the temperature just kept climbing higher and higher. We visited Bethel Church (this amazing super-church) and got to worship with some of our favorite worship leaders. To escape the heat, we also took a drive down to Whiskeytown Lake and happened to drive past a small (relatively empty) dirt parking lot and decided to pull in because we had no idea where the “popular vantage points” were supposed to be. We pulled in to watch the sunset amongst the wide expanse of the lake waters and mountain range backdrop, and couldn’t help but stare in awe for a long minute. We looked down to see the cutest elderly couple with their dog, a picnic basket, and swimsuits on. We decided that we wanted to be as cute as them and copy their idea for the next day. We went to target and gathered some last minute cheese, crackers, and a swimsuit to take a dip in the lake. Aside from being chased by a plethora of bees (no bee stinging occurred thank goodness), the water was the absolute perfect temperature to swim in. After getting in I didn’t want to get out. It’s amazing please go. Do note you do need to buy a pass to park there! It’s not too expensive and totally worth it though. 


Exploring new places alone brings a sense of adventure, but leaves me craving intimate connection. Staying in familiar places leaves me craving for new stimulation, but is also almost always comfortable. Exploring new places with people who feel like home puts my mind to a kind of strange peace. I question whether I am afraid of being alone, of being courageous in adventuring. I question whether I am lacking something! But my general consensus is that I love and cherish those people that feel like home to me. And that cheesy quote citing “home is where the people are” really begins to fill with genuine meaning and revelation.  Aka - I love my sister a lot (I mean look how cute she is who wouldn't love her).