Color Factory

When Color Factory, this new trending pop-up museum, opened in August of 2017 in San Francisco, my sister and I were not able to resist the tempting videos showcasing the two-story interactive museum's yellow ball pits and rainbow confetti rooms. Each room featured specific color themes, whether it be a humungous yellow ball pit, a red joke-filled bathroom, a purple selfie room, or even rainbow walkways and ribbon rooms. The entire museum was interactive, which made it all the more enjoyable and fun. 


When we first walked in, we were met with rainbow stripes from floor to ceiling. On the walls were little circle scented scratchers that emitted random smells all the way from "grape bubble gum that loses flavor in two minutes" to "crying and frying" (whatever that smells like). We felt like little kids amongst theactual little kids running around and exploring these fun exhibits. We also grabbed a sweet treat, a cute light pink (slightly glittery) meringue at the turn table of sweets. Next, we walked into a black and white striped room and got served pretty delicious charcoal lemonade courtesy of Pressed Juicery.


The ball pit was probably one of my absolute favorite exhibits. We buried ourselves, waded through, and pretended to swim through this pool of yellow balls. They served a couple flavors of soft serve - vanilla or Japanese milk coffee. We both sprung for the Japanese milk coffee since it definitely sounded like the more interesting one, and boy it was delicious! The green room (pictured below) was also so much fun! The huge pen in which we did a lot of our coloring with was admittedly pretty heavy though.


The beautiful confetti room was our other favorite room. The teal wall is gorgeous and photogenic, and the rainbow confetti is just plain fun to mess around with! We probably spent the most time frolicking in the confetti room out of the entire museum! 


The above pictured purple room dubbed "#SELFIE" had actually a really interesting concept as well! You simply had to post an Instagram with the hashtag they listed on the wall, then the computer would someone detect it and print it onto this purple paper that is now littered all over the room as it's own sort of confetti! Super interesting! Our other favorite room was of course the infamous ribbon room! A wonderfully beautiful display of ribbons that you can walk and wade through. Super easy to make yourself too actually! It was so much fun to play with, whip around, venture through, and touch the soft smooth ribbons.


The funniest room would have to actually be the bathroom. They even decked out the functional, real-time restroom! It was painted all red, with hilarious potty-themed jokes plastered all over the walks. Go ahead and read some of them, they definitely gave me a good laugh!


Thank you color factory for extending your opening for a couple extra months so that we got the chance to play in all the color fun that you guys had to offer! It was extremely refreshing to play like a child in ribbons, swim in ball pits, and laugh at poop jokes all over again!