A Weekend Away

Makes me sad to say that this is the first time I've picked up my camera over the course of the past two months. Time to catch up on my New Year's resolutions! Pharmacy school has been crazy! I just completed the AMCP Pharmacy & Therapeutics Competition and placed top 3 in my school! It legit took over my life (the competition was so intense and lasted over the course of two months) and left me behind even on normal school work.  Nonetheless, after finishing my first round of midterms, I ventured out to the Stanford campus mainly to visit the Arizona Cactus Garden just for fun! Potentially inspired by a future trip *wink* that is in the planning for spring break! The garden itself is surrounded by lush greenery, engulfed in a large park full of babies, sweet couples, and puppies roaming around.  We even took a little bit of time to venture around the actual campus itself and found some cool outdoor patio spots! Who knew!


Cheers to a relaxing weekend full of relaxation and nature. Hoping to make some more adventures soon! I'm also thinking about getting a film camera soon just to explore! Super excited about it. If anyone has got any recommendations for cameras and films please feel free to let me know! Hope 2018 has been treating you all well!